Hi, I'm Jeni Hott

My life and business motto is...

Live More

Life is meant for living. Embrace every moment with passion, finding joy and fulfillment beyond the confines of work.

Work Less

Streamline your efforts and focus on what truly matters, achieving more with less through smart, efficient strategies.

Make a Difference

Channel your success into meaningful impact, creating positive change in the world and in the lives of others.

A little about me... 

  • I am known for creating purpose-driven, 6-7 figure businesses, while working as little as 1x per year.
  • I started my first online business in 1997, 26+ years ago.
  • Google dubbed me, “The woman who shifted the blogosphere” after I became the world’s first 7 figure blogger in 2008 crossing over 100 million visits by 2013.
  • I was quoted in a documentary for saying, “I’m not a money driven person, but thankfully, that makes me a lot of money.” 
  • Featured in documentaries, multiple books, magazines, blogs, radio talk shows, and countless podcasts. 
  • l lost my sister and 10 year old niece as a result of long term domestic violence in 2017, prompting me to sell my businesses and teach my strategies... because life is short and we all deserve financial and time freedom for things that truly matter.

I've Enjoyed 16 Years Of Earning 6-7 Figures, Working 4x A Year, Hustle-Free


Imagine a world where hard work doesn't dictate your income. In fact, picture this: your marketing and business strategies are meticulously crafted around the lifestyle you desire, unlocking unparalleled freedom and making a significant impact.

Now, imagine owning a business that not only surpasses your financial goals but does so while demanding your presence only a handful of times throughout the year. A business that affords you the luxury of globe-trotting, aiding those in need, and cherishing moments with your loved ones.

This isn't a daydream—it's my reality, cultivated over 16 years, But this wasn't fueled by a desire to escape work; rather, it was born out of necessity, a vital means of survival. This unique path has equipped me with invaluable skills and strategies you won't find elsewhere.

I've dedicated myself to mastering these techniques, and now, I'm here to pass them on to you. 

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