FINALLY Launch That Online Biz That Gives You The Freedom To Do What You Want, When You Want.

You are a driven online entrepreneur who has been struggling to make it work. You might be a coach. A thought-leader. An expert  with purpose. You are tired of the hamster wheel & you were ready for simplification & automation YESTERDAY.


Welcome! I'm Jeni Hott, and for over two decades, I've been redefining the approach to successful online business. Celebrated by Google as a leading expert in simplification and automation, I've mastered the art of launching 6-7 figure businesses that thrive on smart systems.

These systems offer the freedom to automate for up to a year, and have allowed me to travel the globe and embrace a dream lifestyle.

Now, for the very first time, I'm opening the doors to my vault of strategies, ready to share the secrets of my success and help you achieve the same. Let's embark on this journey of growth and discovery together!

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